Company profile


FARMA BLOCK was founded in 1988 in Tempi, Larissa, by the veterinary George Stroulia. George Stroulia, during his career as a veterinary, and during the term of the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture, was particularly concerned about the scientific aspects of farm animal nutrition, and the farmers’ systematic update.

His strong belief, then and now, is that the Greek farmer has to be properly informed on the problems regarding his profession, so that he does it efficiently in order to have a greater income. He also believes that Greece has many natural advantages that allow livestock to flourish thus contributing to the nation’s economy.

Having the economical, proper nutrition and correct usage of the farm animals as a principle, but above all the implementation of measures for an effective prevention of the diseases in order to avoid the loss of animals and the decrease of the yields, he wrote an informative book for farmers, in 1987 –one of a kind- and he also published his own and translated foreign articles on livestock - veterinary issues (you can find them in his bibliography - in Greek).

The proper update of farmers and his will to contribute to the development and the production process of farming, led him to the founding of FARMA BLOCK company after his retirement from the Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture in 1987.

FARMA BLOCK was the first company in Greece to produce special nutritional supplements (solid mineral feed) needed to increase the yields and which until then were exclusively imported from other European countries. The company now functions under a new management in Liti, Thessaloniki.

The people

After many years of operation under George Stroulia’s supervision, FARMA BLOCK was purchased by Simeon Donikidi (veterinary) and Konstantinos Kalaitzis (businessman) in 2008 and 2 years after the changeover, the company was moved to Liti, Thessaloniki. In 2010, Lemonia Kalaitzi (biologist) joined forces and the company became a family business.

For all members of FARMA BLOCK the common goal is the desire to maintain the family character of the company and include the customers in it by creating a long- term relationship based on trust and good cooperation. We also aim to stand out for our scientific status and accountability toward our customers.

Objectives - Commitments – Values

Our constant and beyond any negotiation values are:

  • honesty
  • accountability
  • respect for our customers
  • credibility to the suppliers

Our commitments towards our clients are:

  • To set high standards regarding the quality, safety and value of our products in harmony with the newest alterations in legislation
  • To be pioneers in the Greek market with new products
  • To provide the fastest service possible, wherever the customer is located
  • To contribute to the nutritional program of the unit with great responsibility

With regard the objectives of development, the company wishes to:

  • 1) Make FARMA BLOCK known throughout Greece as the equivalent of high quality and good cooperation
  • 2) Establish a relationship with its customers based on mutual benefit,
  • 3) Be a specialist in the department of animal nutrition supplements, in the long run,
  • 4) Collaborate with farmers, veterinaries and suppliers from foreign countries.